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  • 30th November , 2021

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  • 25th November , 2021

    What’s in season

    Summer harvest update

    by Fruit & Veg Coordinator Maddison

    • Lettuce bags (compostable) now coming in every Wednesdays from Urbavore Blue Mountains in Springwood and a Katoomba Farm It Forward plot (about 500m away from the Co-op!)
    • Oodles of fresh locally grown and NSW grown mushies in every week: Shitake, Oyster, Enoki, Snow, Portobello
    • Tropical fruits – red and white dragonfruit, passionfruit, juicy mango and pineapples are coming from the Northern Territory and Northern QLD
    • Stone fruit is now available including peaches, nectarines and apricots
    • And the first of the cherries have arrived along with summer berries!
    • Fresh, aromatic basil and bright red capsicums and tomatoes galore including truss, Roma, gourmet, and cherry

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