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  • 2nd September , 2022

    Announcing our Board of Directors Nominees

    Announcing our Board of Directors Nominees

    Nominations are in and we are pleased to announce our Nominees for our new Board of Directors.

    There’s 17! so we have put together a handy booklet with all of the biographies submitted by the Nominees. We will also have an extensive question session at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to find out more about each Nominee, followed by a members forum with the opportunity to raise and contribute to discussions to help all Members make an informed decision.

    You can download the Board Nominees Announcement PDF with this link or by clicking on the cover image below.


  • 18th August , 2022

    Important announcement from the Board of Directors

    Dear Co-op members,

    As those of you who have read our recent Annual Report will be aware, the past year has been a challenging time for the Co-op. Our manager of many years resigned late last year, the board applied to terminate the Co-op’s EBA (Enterprise Bargaining Agreement) which was not received well by many staff, and we are currently experiencing declining sales.

    The Fair Work Commission returned a result for our EBA termination application last week and has denied the application.

    The Co-op board wishes to notify BMFC members that it intends to resign at the impending AGM, as it doesn’t feel that it can progress the organisation in the current situation and believes that a renewal of the board is in the best interests of the Co-op.

    The directors recognise that this presents the membership with the imperative of forming a new board and are happy to support new directors in their first few months of board meetings if this is desired. This could entail explaining processes and sharing knowledge and background. The directors will also continue to volunteer at the Co-op in other capacities.

    If the Co-op is a resource and element of our community that you value, now is the time to rally around – please consider whether you have the skills and experience to help form a new board, keep shopping with us, and give our staff your kindness – it’s quite an upheaval.

    The AGM has been postponed to Saturday, September 10th to give members more time to consider nominating for the board. You will receive confirmation of the time and location of the AGM shortly.

    Nominations for the board close on Friday, August 26. For a Nominee Kit or more information, please email

    Your sincerely,

    Georgia Page
    Chair, BM Food Co-op Board

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