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  • 22nd December , 2021

    2021 Holiday trading & deliveries

    2021 Festive Season Opening Times and Deliveries

    The Co-op will be closed on:        

    Saturday 25th December, Christmas Day

    Sunday 26th December, Boxing Day

    Monday 27th Public Holiday

    Tuesday 28th Public Holiday

    The Co-op will be open on: 

    Saturday 1st January, New Year’s Day, 10am – 3pm

    Monday 3rd January, Public Holiday, 10am – 3pm

    Other than the dates above we will be opening for our usual trading hours.

    Fruit and Vegetable Deliveries will be as follows:

    Wednesday           22nd December

    Friday                     24th December

    Wednesday           29th December

    Friday                     31st December

    Tuesday                 4th January

    Fridge Goods:

    Last delivery before Xmas  Wednesday 22nd December

    First delivery after Xmas    Thursday 6th January

    Bread Deliveries:

    Ancient Grains, and Vitality –

    Last delivery before Xmas Tuesday 21st December

    First delivery after Xmas   Thursday 30th December

    First delivery after New Year             Wednesday 5th January

    Naturis –

    Last delivery before Xmas Tuesday 22nd December

    First delivery after Xmas   Tuesday 11th January


    Wednesday 29th December

    Monday 3rd January

  • 30th November , 2021

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