Celebrating winter

Seasonal & new items in store

Nature always seems to know what’s best for us and this is particularly true in winter when citrus fruit is in season. Bringing the vitamin C and boosting immune systems – oranges, mandys, tangelos, grapefruit, lemon, and limes in store now!

To make your own flu-fighting vitamin C gummies try this recipe from Danielle O’Donoghue.



Found in pineapple, bromelain is an enzyme with anti inflammatory properties and high in vitamin C. Bromelain soothes congested and irritated respiratory passages and mucous membranes, helping out sore scratchy throats and raspy or phlegmy coughs.

In season vegies include cruciferous country- Brussels, broccoli, cauli, cabbage, turnips, radish, and kale.

Local lovelies

Local supplies are slowing down because of the colder weather but we’ve still got cabbage, radish, kale, caulis, and coriander on the way!

Have you seen our Co-op branded honey?

In a hurry or need a gift for a loved one? Our Co-op branded and bottled local raw honey is just the ticket. It’s the same yummy product as our bulk honey, made by the bees of Bruce and Jan Rogers on Wiradjuri Country in Rylstone NSW, just a little more convenient.

Winter skin care

Cold winds and indoor heating can really dry out your skin, so here’s some great local, Australian-made, and organic products to soothe chapped lips and dehydrated faces, hands, and bodies. Available in the Big Little Shop now.

Nina’s Bees Revitalising Balm – Beeswax & honey

Mokosh Rich Face Cream

Paudha Healing Hydrating Face & Body Cream

Nim-Veda Body Butter

Blue Mountains Honey Beeswax Moisturising Cream

Perfect Potion Calendula hand cream

Blue Mountains Lavender Restore Skin Balm

Clemence Ultimate SOS balm

Est Velvet lip balm

Weleda lip balm

Medicine Room Rose Hip Herbal Skin Balm

And, if you’re so inclined, you can make your own lip balm with this recipe from Naturopath, Sonya Byron.

Celebrating solstice

Gather your friends and fam and light up the night with our beautiful range of candles.

Nimbin Candles specialises in non-toxic, hand dipped, traditionally made candles. The factory is located in the historic Nimbin Butter Factory, located on Bundjalung Country in the northern rivers region of NSW and has been manufacturing candles since 1973.

This is Someday candles come in a range of moody hues and are hand poured in Melbourne.


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