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  • 3rd August , 2023

    Why diets don’t work (and it’s not your fault!)

    Keto, alkaline, intermittent fasting, paleo…  have you tried them all without success? Maybe that’s because diets just don’t work.

    Blue Mountains Food Co-op presents dietitian and mindful eating specialist, Sallyanne Pisk, with a no nonsense, myth busting women’s health talk about Why Diets Don’t Work (and it’s not your fault).

    Blue Mountains Cultural Centre
    Saturday 2nd September
    2pm to 3.15pm
    Cost: $5 / FREE Blue Mountains Food Co-op members (Code BMFCfree) & Insight Members

    Click here for Bookings via Eventbrite

    Sallyanne is a Blue Mountains based practitioner and teacher who focuses on Eating for You. “At my talks, I hear many stories about how confusing healthy eating has become – there is always new research and new ‘diets’ promising all sorts of cures and results. Mindful eating and living focuses your attention on why, what, how, and when you eat and helps you to identify choices that will improve your overall health and wellbeing.” Sallyanne Pisk

    The aim of the talk for Women’s Health Week is to share why diets don’t work and why it is not your fault.

    • Learn the secret to changing your eating habits for good, and it is not a diet.
    • Remove the confusion and overwhelm about what to eat without focusing on food or the number on the scales.
    • Be empowered to move forward with your knowledge of what nourishes you and confidently do it with ease.

    Sallyanne Pisk Bio

    Sallyanne Pisk is an accredited practising dietitian and mindfulness practitioner. Also referred to as an eating mindset dietitian. She combines a mindfulness-based approach with sound, practical nutrition and lifestyle advice.

    Over the past thirty years, Sallyanne has enjoyed working in various fields of nutrition, research, and management in Australia and New Zealand. These experiences led her to write her book, Eating for You, and develop a series of online nutrition and lifestyle programs.

    She also hosts the Eating for You Podcast and facilitates a free online community for women.

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