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There are many ways to support your Co-op: shopping with us is the big one but you can also volunteer in the shop or our new Market Garden plot, attend cleaning bees, tell your friends about our wonderful community enterprise, volunteer your time and/or skills for a particular event or — join the Board!

I joined the Co-op Board in 2009 because I want to shop with minimal waste and packaging, trust the food I eat, redirect my grocery dollars away from the corporate supermarkets and support the community that makes that possible. 13 years later, I can say that the rewards have far outweighed the challenges (as great as they have been at times) and that continuing in my capacity as a Director on the Board is still a choice I’m happy to continue making.

Our volunteer Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Co-op, assessing risk, and to monitor and review policy, legal requirements and our financial position. It sounds drier than it is. We work closely with our managers and are all involved because we want to see the Co-op thrive. The Board is most effective when the range of skills and experience are broad and, at present, we would be delighted to welcome someone with a background in marketing or logistics, or experience in establishing new retail stores and warehousing.

There have been some big changes in the Co-op in the last year, as many of you are aware, and our current focus is putting into action the strategies that we hope will bring stability and joy, and secure the Co-op’s future as an integral part of the community.

In recognition of the commitment of time (approximately 8-hours per month, which includes the monthly Board Meeting @ 6:15-8:15pm on the third Wednesday of the month), Directors receive an additional 20% off their shopping at the Co-op, on top of the 10% Member’s Discount.

If you love your Co-op and want to help it flourish, consider if you’ve got the skills to help us achieve this and the time/energy to join us. We’re a committed and friendly group of volunteers and would love to welcome a keen and clever new director to the board.

Georgia Page

Chair, Board of Directors

Blue Mountains Food Co-op

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