Art for earth’s sake

Feed on greed

Discover the inspiration behind Kevina Smith’s marvellous mixed media environmental work, Feed on Greed, currently on exhibition in the Big Little Gallery.


Up-cycled mixed media
100 x 115cm

Artist Statement

“With mounting evidence of microplastics being present in our soil, in our food and in our water, is anyone thinking of the innocent birds and animals who are forced to consume our human made mess right alongside us?

Combined with continuing catastrophic environmental disasters, such as recent bush fires in Australia, the birds and animals are searching further afield; in some cases they are desperate.

I felt desperation recently as a new mother, struggling to feed my baby, feeling crazy about getting her the best possible beginning for her immune system to develop, to give her the best chance of survival.

She has since consumed more cake than I would like, but I hope the day doesn’t arrive where she is unknowingly swallowing plastic.

My art practice involves up-cycling discarded, broken objects, in this case a damaged reproduction of a photograph of our native Pink Galah surrounded by fruit stickers, straws and plastic bags.

I have been making work to create environmental awareness for over a decade now. The message has been consistent, but subtle. We no longer have time for subtle. Here I show the Pink Galah overwhelmed by enticing, colourful plastic waste, vomiting plastic ‘food’ for her babies.

To make this work affordable during our current crisis the price of $550 is in direct reference to the Australian Government Coronavirus economic response.”

–  Kevina Smith

This work is SOLD.

About Kevina

Photo Ona Janzen

Kevina-Jo Smith resides in the Blue Mountains, a place which sustains and inspires her. She collects and reuses consumer by-product materials from which her artwork emerges. Each piece is intricate, delicate and time consuming to create. Her process is a tribute to the natural world and a ritual against destruction. Her continued interest in shelter and protection of people, nature and environment, is expressed throughout all of her work.

Photo Louisa Clayton 

Her desire to acknowledge, record and come to terms with the waste by-products of daily life provides both muse and material. Kevina has been making work revolved around creating environmental awareness for over ten years now, she is struggling to ride a balance of facts and emotions with the intent to educate and inspire others to become more considerate consumers and custodians of land.

Photo Louisa Clayton 

To see more of Kevina’s work follow her on instagram @kevinajosmith


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