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  • 24th November , 2020

    Volunteer Incentive Month

    Volunteer Incentive Month

    Monday 23rd November to Wednesday 23rd December, 2020 (inclusive)

    We really want to see what a FULL volunteer roster looks like. Can you help us?

    If you complete seven volunteer hours during the aforementioned month, you will receive a $50 gift voucher on top of your volunteer discount points!

    There are some extra shifts in the incentive period, INCLUDING SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS, and sometimes there will be more than one vollie on shift.

    There is still no limit to how many hours you can volunteer and you may do up to 3 hours volunteering at a time by booking in for multiple shifts i.e. 1 x 2 hour shift and 1 x 1 hour shift, back to back.

    The booking sheet is here. Use your initials and your membership number to book in for shifts as normal.

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