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  • 5th December , 2019

    Draft minutes AGM 2019

    Annual General Meeting 2019

    A group of 17 financial members, including staff and directors – current, resigning and nominating/elected, attended the 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on November 14th held at Junction 142 on Katoomba Street.

    Rachel Hall resigned from her position as a director prior to the meeting and Sonya Byron stepped down and then re-nominated for the staff director position. Lou O’Halloran was nominated for the vacant position and both Sonya and Lou were appointed directors after all financial members in attendance supported the motion by way of a show of hands.

    Helen Gillam also resigned as a director during the meeting. This position will be unfilled until the Board finds a suitable candidate and will be filled at the next AGM.

    Directors and staff at the 2019 Annual General Meeting L-R: Rachel Hall, resigning director; Halin Nieuwenhuyse, Co-op Manager; Helen Gillam, resigning director; Georgia Page, Board Chairperson.

    The draft minutes from the 2019 Annual General Meeting are published below. Click on the front page to read the pdf.

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