Stop snails and slugs in their tracks!

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Slime time

It’s official – we’re having a La Nina summer. And while it’s a great relief not to have to worry about bushfires, constant rain makes for one soggy vegie patch – a haven for snails and slugs.

But don’t worry there are many natural ways to deal with them.

Here’s our top tips for eradicating slugs and snails.

  1. Night patrol – Wait until dark, grab your gum boots, a torch, and a bucket, and head down to the vegie patch to spoil the snail party. Collect the snails in your bucket to feed to chooks and ducks. If you don’t know anyone with poultry, half fill the bucket with soapy water and dispense of the pesky little critters that way.
  2. Beer trap – Beer traps have long been touted as an effective way to eradicate slugs and snails. Simply fill a container with beer and bury it up to the rim in your vegie patch. Snails are attracted to the beer and fall in and drown.
  3. Copper shock – A more elaborate set up is to use copper tape on short lengths of pipe to protect young seedlings. The snail’s slimy foot gets an electric shock from the copper and it falls off the pipe. Although it doesn’t kill them it will protect young seedlings.

And check out this video of snails trying to beat the copper tape by Penny Woodward, Horticultural Editor of ABC Organic Gardener magazine.

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