Rhubarb schnapps

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Make it schnappy!

Photo: Megan Young

Rhubarb Schnapps is a decadent way to use up your bumper crimson harvest.

You will need:

A 2 litre glass preserving jay

3 cups rhubarb, chopped

1 cup sugar

1 litre vodka (cheapest is preferable for this recipe)

1 sieve

1 muslin cheesecloth

2 litre Pyrex jug, or similar

glass bottles for decanting



Thoroughly wash and dry the preserving jar. You don’t need to sterilise it as the vodka will act as a preservative, it just needs to be clean.

Place the rhubarb and the sugar in the jar, then add the vodka and seal. Shake to disperse the sugar, and place in the back of a cool cupboard. Though I prefer to use unrefined sugar in general but I use white here to retain the bright pink colour of the final liqueur.

Shake the jar everyday until the sugar has dissolved then leave in the cupboard for another month to allow the flavours to mature.

Place the sieve and cheesecloth over the jug and pour contents through. There may be a small amount of sediment in the liquid, in which case pour it through the cheesecloth a second time.

Decant into your chosen bottles, (I used 6 x 200ml bottles to give away as gifts), then label and enjoy your beautiful pink, earthy liqueur, in moderation of course.

The flavours will continue to mature as the liqueur ages and it can be kept for many months, but is still lovely straight away.


Recipe: Megan Young

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