Labne balls

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Blessed are the cheesemakers

This terrifically simple method for Labne is from Jackie Bushell’s cookbook “A Loving Spoonful: Naturally Delicious Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Vegetarian Cooking”.


1 pot or jar of goat or sheep yogurt, not too thick


Pour the yogurt into a clean muslin cloth.

Tie it together into a little swag with string and tie this to a skewer or knife to keep it suspended over a jug. Store it in the fridge for about 12-16 hours.

The idea is that the curds and whey will separate out from the yogurt. The whey will collect in the jug underneath the muslin baggie of cheesy curds.

Keep the whey which is incredibly nutritious. Spoon out small balls of the soft cheese (labne) and either roll them in something which stops them sticking together or drop them immediately into a jar of oil seasoned with some sprigs of rosemary and slivers of lemon peel.

I really like them rolled in either Dukkah, Chermoula, Gremolata or Z’Tar. Once coated, place them in a clean jar and pour olive oil over them. Store in fridge.

These are great on salads, tofu, with fritters or as snacks on rice crackers.

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