Volunteer training

So you want to be a volunteer?

Photo Maja Baska

Volunteering at the Co-op is a great way to get more involved and shrink your shopping bills. You’ll learn more about our products, connect with the community, get to know our staff, and hopefully have some fun! In exchange for 4 hours work you get an extra 20% discount off $250 worth of shopping.

Shop volunteers help staff members to help keep the Co-op running as smoothly as possible. On a typical shift you may spend your time welcoming and assisting customers, watering the garden, and helping keep the shop clean and tidy.

We usually run volunteer training nights once a month. These evenings provide a thorough orientation to working in the shop; including an overview of volunteering, an in-depth tour and a run through of tasks you will be performing.  We also cover health and safety, infection control, and communication.

To register for volunteer training please complete the registration form or send queries to the Volunteers Coordinator at volunteers@bmfoodcoop.org.au.

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