Autumn gardening

Gardening Jobs for May

Autumn is a great time to get out in the garden. The weather has cooled enough for some vigorous digging, weeding and harvesting the last of summer’s bounty, and new season veg can be established. You should have already planted your garlic by now but there’s still time to get your broccoli, kale, broad beans, onions and snow peas in.

Prevent damage to young seedlings from cutworm by placing milk cartons with the bottom cut out around them. For a snail and slug deterrant use copper tape, coffee grounds or sawdust sprinkled around young plants.

Seasonal bounty

Make the most of autumn leaves by composting them, using them as mulch or making leaf mould. This article by Justin Russell from ABC Organic Gardener magazine has some useful tips.

May 2 – 8 is International Compost Awareness Week and we’re celebrating with a Compost Workshop at Joe Tabone’s Urbavore Blue Mountains micro farm in Springwood.

In this 1 and half hour workshop you will learn about:

  • how to make hot compost
  • beneficial microbial teas
  • worm farming
  • anaerobic biodigesters

Bookings are strictly limited register here:





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