Happy birthday to us!

Guess who’s turning 40?

It’s the Co-op’s 40th birthday in 2021 and we need you to help us celebrate! 

If you have any photographs, stories or memorabilia from the Co-op’s early days you would like to share in a commemorative compilation to celebrate our 40th anniversary we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Jacqueline at marketing@bmfoodcoop.org.au for more information or to share your memories.

A brief history

Way back in 1981, a small group of people established a food buying group in the upper mountains operating on a voluntary basis.

Goods arrived by train and were transported to a volunteer’s garage. Goods were sold two days a week, a roster system of volunteers was in place and it basically operated on a trust or honesty system. The mark-up on goods was 20%-30%, and profits were ploughed back into the Co-op.

After operating in several different locations the Co-op moved from being off the beaten track into the shopping precinct in Katoomba, first to Katoomba Plaza in 1994 and then to Ha’Penny Lane in 1998 where it is currently located.

During that period the Co-op grew, staff were employed, membership fees were introduced and a management committee was formed. One member noted that this was a time when “the Co-op grew organically, the original structure was a hut but it grew into a multi-storey building“.

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