Food handling basics

Health and food handling safety at the Co-op

In an effort to maintain health and food handling safety standards at the Co-op here’s a little refresher about shopping etiquette.

Hand washing

Please wash your hands before entering the store. 

Did you know we have a dedicated hand washing sink? It’s located at the entrance of the shop.

If you notice that the sink needs cleaning or supplies of paper towels or soap need replenishing please let staff know.

Hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser has been placed at the checkouts for use between hand washes.


We have recently made “Used” or “Clean” signs for the spoons supplied for accessing bulk items like teas, spices etc as. Please follow the instructions as per the picture on the sign and alert staff if clean spoons are required.

Spills and drips

If you notice any spills or drips from bulk containers please let staff know immediately so they can be cleaned up. Our volunteers are tasked with keeping the store tidy and free from potential slip hazards but when it gets busy at the checkouts we often don’t see spills or errant fruit and veg that may have been inadvertently dropped on the ground.

Cutting fruit & veg

Please note that only staff are permitted to cut fruit, veg and cheese. If you require anything to be cut please ask a staff member.


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