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In April 2019 the Co-op announced a Community Small Grants program. Co-op Manager, Halin Nieuwenhuyse, said the Board was delighted to be able to offer up to $10,000 worth of community grants in 2019. “Thanks to the support and patronage of our loyal members and shoppers the Co-op experienced unprecedented sales last financial year,” Ms Nieuwenhuyse explained. “This has enabled us to offer grants for specific community projects in need of financial assistance to set up, maintain or progress initiatives.”

Applications for the Co-op grants open Monday 1st April and close Thursday May 30, and will be judged by the Co-op’s Donations Committee. Beneficiaries will be announced in late June 2019.

To apply for a grant first check your eligibility, download the application form and address the criteria below.


Only Blue Mountains-based, not-for-profit, non-government organisations will be eligible to apply for the Blue Mountains Food Co-op Community Small Grants Program. Organisations must be working in social justice, environmental and food-related fields. Individuals may not apply.

To apply please complete the form and address the criteria below in a separate word document.


  1. Describe the main activities of your organisation.
  2. Detail the specific project for which funds are required.
  3. Identify and demonstrate the specific needs of your target group.
  4. Present a costing/budget for the implementation of your project.
  5. Describe the implementation of your project and how services will be delivered.
  6. Outline expected outcomes of your project for which funds are required.
  7. Provide evidence of administration of similar projects, or describe relevant experience, skills or qualifications within the organisation for implementing the project.
  8. Detail reporting methods and evaluation of project outcomes.
  9. Discuss plans for ongoing delivery of services post funding.

Please email or mail completed applications to:


BM Food Co-op Community Small Grants Program
c/- The Manager
Blue Mountains Food Co-op
PO Box 305
Katoomba NSW 2780

Grant applications will be judged by the Co-op’s Donations Committee and beneficiaries will be announced in June 2019.

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