MINDFUL EATING EVENT Saturday 18 February 2017

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MINDFUL EATING EVENT Saturday 18 February 2017
6th February, 2017

Join the Co-op’s Wellness Wednesday practitioners for a conversation about eating mindfully for health and wellbeing, and learn some simple mindfulness techniques to help you stop, savour and reconnect to the deep nourishment in every mouthful.

On the panel: herbalist Chris Ireland, yoga teacher and holistic health advisor Danielle O’Donohue, and accredited practising dietitian and mindfulness practitioner Sallyanne Pisk.

When: Saturday 18 February, 3.00-4.00pm

Where: Blue Mountains Food Co-op, Shop 3 Ha’penny Lane Katoomba

Cost: Free, but please book to secure your place

Bookings: www.trybooking.com

Eating Mindfully for Health event 3pm 18 February 2017 at the Co-op

18th June, 2016

DaisyCome and have a break from the crowds! Join us tomorrow in Ha’penny Lane – There will be music, a stall of local loveliness and chai for sale.
For this weekend only (18th and 19th June) all shoppers can shop at members prices 🙂

Thank you  Amy Bell – Daisychain for this illustration.

winter magic

15th April, 2016

If you haven’t tried growing garlic in the mountains or you’d like expert tips from an experienced grower, join our two sessions on Sunday April 24th and Sunday May 8th and learn to Grow Great Garlic, with Jan Lambert.

Sunday 24th April 10am-1pm: Part 1: Introduction and Preparing the Ground

Sunday 8th May 10am-1pm: Part 2: Planting and Growing

Places Limited: Booking Essential: Register For Your Place Now!

grow great garlic v2

17th February, 2016


Read a more detailed course outline

with Robin Johnson


‘With the wet and humid weather we have experienced in the upper mountains this summer, my newly germinated seedlings have been very susceptible to “Damping off”. I have lost about 5 trays of seedlings over the last 3 or 4 weeks.  Seedling “Damping Off” is when the root of the newly germinated seedling collapses. The trick is, at this stage of the young plant’s life, to provide a steady clean flow of air.’


18th June, 2015

The Winter Magic Festival is on Saturday 20th June.

Once a year, on Winter Magic Day, Katoomba Street is uncharacteristically bursting at the seams with tens of thousands of people. It’s a great day to get out, to brashly banish the winter blues, to come together with visitors from near and far and marvel at the parade, costumes and stalls galore.

And at some point during any Winter Magic we all need an oasis of calm, somewhere to relax and recharge before rejoining the throng. Around the Co-op we’re creating that little place of peace, where you and yours can come and chill out in Ha’penny Lane. We’ll be selling hot spiced Logan Brae juice outside the shop along with sweet treats to eat – locally made bliss balls and other winter apple treats from Addiction Foods. All proceeds of these treats will go to help Winter Magic Sustainability and Earth Recovery .

Nourshmii will be here from 10am until 3pm with –
Moroccan chickpea stew with pumpkin and apricots served on turmeric rice with a green olive and preserved lemon yogurt dollop.

We’ve invited our treasured regular buskers and a few very special guests to our peaceful chillout space.

Including –

Zeb Olsen & Nick Strike- with their improvised guitar soundscapes and others.

Check us out on Facebook for details!

Come along and share your messages of peace on our recycled card and hang them up in the laneway in an installation of our communities words of peace.

Many thanks Amy Bell-Daisychain for the art work and our community of yarn bombers for your contributions to this event!


5th September, 2014

Have you ever seen a reed bee, resin bee, leafcutter bee, masked bee or blue banded bee? They’re just some of native bees out there in all our gardens. Most native bees are quite a bit smaller than the honey bee we’re more familiar with. There are over 1500 species of Australian native bees, 200 of those in the mountains. Most are semi social or solitary, and what’s perhaps more surprising is that there’s really not a whole lot of research out there about them, including big gaps in our knowledge about their distribution.


13th June, 2014

Come share a meal and join us in conversation with Farm and Community Development Manager Steve Fleischmann from Mamre House and local gardening guru Steve Alton to talk about how we can grow more food in the mountains.

19th November, 2013

This wednesday, 10 to 12 Emily Yates: Naturopath, will be in the Co-op:-


This week she’ll be talking about and making wholefood smoothies – the simple way to increase your nutrients through smoothies for the whole family!


Emily is a Naturopath, Healer and Mama who was born and bred in the Blue Mountains. She is passionate about digestive, reproductive, child and family health  and has been deeply inspired by Kay Ridgeway.


She practiced in Sydney for 7 years and now works from her home in Leura.


For more information on Emily here is her website –




22nd September, 2013

For some people a change of season is a good time to clear out the wardrobe of all the things they don’t wear, that don’t fit or just plain don’t suit them. As the saying goes ‘one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure’, and what better way to share the treasure, save the planet and have an excuse for a tea party than to organise a clothes swap? Get together with a few of your friends or acquaintances that you suspect might have amazing hand-me-downs and let the swapping begin!

For me, swapping clothes for the past eight years or so has created opportunities to connect with a circle of cherished friends, meeting new ones as the circle grows, and a time for sharing or storytelling. Our clothes have stories, some more than we wish: the jumper your grandmother made you but you never wore, the shirt from an ex-lover you can’t bear to wear again, the dress you can’t believe you ever wore. As our clothes move on, these stories move with them and take on a new life.

Clothes Swapping Guidelines (optional – this is how we do it!)

Around ten people are invited to the swap. The venue can be swapped between homes to share it around. An invitation goes out and the date and time are booked in. We allow around three hours for the swap (time for lots of tea, chat and food). Once an invitation is received we reply and then gather the clothes we wish to swap. Naturally we all bring along a plate of food to share! After about half an hour chat time we sit in a circle with our bags of clothes to swap. One person shows their wares at a time. At this point people can express interest in the items – if only one person wants item they get it! If more than one person wants the item it goes in the ‘fight pile.’ If no one wants the item it goes in a bag for charity or is saved for a future swap. Once everyone has swapped their stuff we move on to the fight pile. This is the time when we pull out our ‘blue steel’ (for those familiar with the film Zoolander), strut our best poses and facial expressions to win the desired item. Don’t forget to help the host to clean up! Then just enjoy seeing your friends wearing all your old clothes and looking fabulous!


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