Fresh pickings

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Fresh pickings
13th June, 2018

Seasonal fruit and veg

Local citrus

When life gives you lemons! We have spray-free, juicy lemons from Carlingford but hurry they won’t last long!

These beautiful ‘Romanesco’ broccoli were a hit with shoppers.

New in the big little shop

Everco Bamboo straws 

4 pack includes cleaning brush. Sustainable and biodegradable. Made in Indonesia.

Green Essentials bamboo straw

Single straw that is package free. Bamboo, 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free.

Laughing Bird tea towels, aprons & bags

Locally printed and sewn on linen featuring Blue Mountains Flora, Fauna and scenes.

Nim Veda Organic Rosewater 

Food grade rosewater in a misting spray.

Featured product – LIP BALMS

Hurraw Vegan lip balms

Organic coconut, lime, Earl Gray, orange, grapefruit, green tea, chocolate, Moon (Blue chamomile vanilla), chai, black cherry (tinted). Made in USA.

Est Velvet lip balm

Nourishing olive oil, beeswax and honey, calendula oil and vitamin E. Made in Melbourne.

Weleda Everon lip balm

Nourishing and protecting with organic jojoba oil, shea butter, rose and beeswax.  Really great for wind burnt lips. Made in Germany.

Locally made lip balms

Nina’s Bees lip balm

Locally made, plastic free packaging. With Nina’s bees honey and beeswax, coconut and almond oils.

Wild Earth Luscious Lime lip balm

Locally made using Malfroy’s  beeswax, organic cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter calendula infused sunflower oil, and lime essential oil.

Clemence Ultimate Lips and Glamour Lips lip balm

Soothing, nourishing + protective. Anti-viral Lemon Myrtle may provide relief from cold sores. 100% certified organic ingredients. BPA free tube. No parabens, sodium lauryl, sulphate, petrochemicals, PEGs, artificial fragrances, nanoparticles or unnecessary ingredients. Glamour lips is tinted.

Green Living Cocoa Lip Balm Kit

Make your own kit! Includes everything you need to make your own. Currently out of stock so place an order with Alison Monday to Wednesday.

Out of stock

Melrose bulk shampoo code 947 – Supplier has discontinued.

Melrose bulk almond oil – Supplier has discontinued however we still sell this in 500ml bottles.

The price is right

We compared our prices with a local supermarket to bring you this price comparison for June 2018.



5th July, 2017

It’s Winter Magic season at the Co-op, and we have an abundance of gorgeous winter produce for you to feast on! Think hearty stews, roast vegies and warming soups.*


8th May, 2017

As the autumn weather cools, I start thinking about warm foods and drinks. I also make sure I keep moving – it is the perfect time of year in the mountains for hikes and forest bathing.


15th March, 2017

It’s autumn harvest season at the Co-op, and we have an abundance of gorgeous organic and local produce for you to feast on!

Our certified organic produce arrives fresh from the Sydney organic markets three days a week.  It’s surprisingly affordable too, as this comparison of the Co-op’s organic prices with those of two local supermarkets on 6th March shows:


13th February, 2017

Title: Eating Mindfully for Health - how to find balance in all the busyness. Images: abundant luscious fruit and vegetables

Do find yourself rushing to fit in meals around other commitments, or using meals as a chance to catch up on work or social media, barely noticing or enjoying what you put in your mouth? At the pace most of us now live, eating often becomes just another task to tick off. However, our focus on expediency may have a greater impact on our health and wellbeing than we realise. (more…)

13th February, 2017

Growing in the mountains in autumn is enjoyable because the temperatures can be a bit more even, with less of the extremes you get in summer and winter and, with some of the heat we have been getting lately, not as dangerous for plants.

A lot of the edibles that can be planted in late summer and early autumn can see you through autumn and well into winter. From late summer I am planting lettuces, broccoli, radishes, beetroot, Asian vegetables, lots of coriander and my favourite winter green: mache or corn salad.


22nd May, 2016

The disappearance of the autumn leaves and the ripening of citrus fruits are signs that winter is on its way. And my desire for warm cooked foods is my internal cue to prepare for colder weather. A mindfulness approach connects us with these external and internal signals. It also supports us in making the necessary choices for healthy eating and living in winter.



Sallyanne's winter tips

#1 Embrace the qualities of winter


When we think of winter we may have visions of rain, bleak skies and lazing in the intermittent sunshine like a cat. Winter has its unique qualities that we can embrace to support our health.


Eastern approaches to health describe winter as yin time, to support storage by the body and introspection of the mind. Introspection provides an opportunity for us to consider new ideas, which we can then take forward in spring.


15th April, 2016

Danielle O’Donoghue, the Yummi Yogi, is qualified in nutrition, iridology and herbal medicine. Formerly a cook and founding partner of Manly’s One Earth Organic Café, Danielle now teaches yoga to kids and adults, works as an holistic health and wellness coach and runs a wholefood consulting business.
She holds monthly sessions at the Co-op where you can chat with her about your health and nutritional concerns (second Wednesday of the month 10 am–12 pm) and runs monthly food demos (third Wednesday of the month 10 am–12 pm).
On 20 April, her food demo will focus on legumes and she is making delicious Sprouted lentil patties.

Lovely Legumes


14th April, 2016

 Local is lovely: For the love of fresh seasonal food, nice farmers and their produce by Sophie Hansen.

This is a lovely book, true to its title. It is also very local to us in the Blue Mountains, and some of the farmers and producers mentioned in the book sell their produce at the Food Co-op. I loved the way that the book is set up seasonally. The four sections, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are divided into further sections with an item of produce, recipes for savoury and sweet ways to use the produce, and then a story about their local producer.

Local is lovely


10th March, 2016

Sallyanne Pisk, nutritionist and accredited practising dietitian, gardener and author of ‘Eating for You”, is at the Blue Mountains Food Co-operative on the first Wednesday of each month to answer food and nutrition questions. This month she shares her suggestions for eating well in autumn.


Eating with the seasons aligns with the Eastern approach to health and wellbeing, as well as the philosophy of the Blue Mountains Food Co-operative. Eastern medicine suggests that we will more easily meet our health requirements in autumn by eating foods that have grown in the same environment as us. The Eastern approach is based on our connection with our environment.


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