Fresh pickings

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Fresh pickings
13th June, 2018

Seasonal fruit and veg

Local citrus

When life gives you lemons! We have spray-free, juicy lemons from Carlingford but hurry they won’t last long!

These beautiful ‘Romanesco’ broccoli were a hit with shoppers.

New in the big little shop

Everco Bamboo straws 

4 pack includes cleaning brush. Sustainable and biodegradable. Made in Indonesia.

Green Essentials bamboo straw

Single straw that is package free. Bamboo, 100% BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free and lead-free.

Laughing Bird tea towels, aprons & bags

Locally printed and sewn on linen featuring Blue Mountains Flora, Fauna and scenes.

Nim Veda Organic Rosewater 

Food grade rosewater in a misting spray.

Featured product – LIP BALMS

Hurraw Vegan lip balms

Organic coconut, lime, Earl Gray, orange, grapefruit, green tea, chocolate, Moon (Blue chamomile vanilla), chai, black cherry (tinted). Made in USA.

Est Velvet lip balm

Nourishing olive oil, beeswax and honey, calendula oil and vitamin E. Made in Melbourne.

Weleda Everon lip balm

Nourishing and protecting with organic jojoba oil, shea butter, rose and beeswax.  Really great for wind burnt lips. Made in Germany.

Locally made lip balms

Nina’s Bees lip balm

Locally made, plastic free packaging. With Nina’s bees honey and beeswax, coconut and almond oils.

Wild Earth Luscious Lime lip balm

Locally made using Malfroy’s  beeswax, organic cocoa butter, fair trade shea butter calendula infused sunflower oil, and lime essential oil.

Clemence Ultimate Lips and Glamour Lips lip balm

Soothing, nourishing + protective. Anti-viral Lemon Myrtle may provide relief from cold sores. 100% certified organic ingredients. BPA free tube. No parabens, sodium lauryl, sulphate, petrochemicals, PEGs, artificial fragrances, nanoparticles or unnecessary ingredients. Glamour lips is tinted.

Green Living Cocoa Lip Balm Kit

Make your own kit! Includes everything you need to make your own. Currently out of stock so place an order with Alison Monday to Wednesday.

Out of stock

Melrose bulk shampoo code 947 – Supplier has discontinued.

Melrose bulk almond oil – Supplier has discontinued however we still sell this in 500ml bottles.

The price is right

We compared our prices with a local supermarket to bring you this price comparison for June 2018.



12th December, 2017

We want to make your shopping experience at the Co-op as safe and smooth as possible.


18th November, 2015

Tips from a passionate Co-op shopper –

I’m a self-confessed queen of preparation: it’s in my bones. I fondly recall Sunday as baking day when growing up: Mum would churn out an array of biscuits, pastries and cakes all lovingly crafted for us kids to munch on through the week, as well as a roast and veggies that would be extended into sandwiches and soups with nothing going to waste.

Amanda's food from the Co-op


I’ve followed Mum, although my cooking has been of the vegan kind for the past 18 years and much of my food prep is raw veggies. Regardless of our eating choices, preparation of whole food benefits our diet, lifestyle and family life.


1st August, 2015

Rob Lawrence is a Co-op member and a volunteer at the Blue Mountains Organic Community Gardens. He is interested in getting the most out of the food we eat and here he writes for us about  using our bulk seeds for planting purposes.

Coriander seeds - a great option for planting

We all love food! It brings us together. Our emotions and memories, our whole lives, are punctuated by the food we eat. What brings us all together at the Food Co-op is our passion for ethical, healthy food, but our bodies need so much more than food. They need the nourishment that can only come from growing our own food.


30th April, 2015

There are many reasons to choose to buy local fruits and vegetables: freshness, fewer food miles and the opportunity to support the local community are just a few.

The Co-op’s local produce has increased dramatically over the last few years. Our customers love to buy locally grown produce and more backyard growers have been growing for us. Some people have small orchards and sell us the delicious fruits of their harvest.

It seems that we are getting new consigners weekly at this busy harvest time of the year.

It is our policy that consignment fruits and vegetables are sold at a maximum of 10% below the certified organic fruits and vegetable price for that item. Prices can vary a lot over the season due to scarcity and gluts, and weather conditions can affect harvests too. The impacts of storms, fires and disease can push prices up. For example lemons are not available from Australian growers in summer and haven’t yet come down in price.


6th February, 2015

Comparing a $40 spend at the Co-op –

As an alternative to our tradition of comparing our prices with other outlets, we thought we would compare price structures within our very own shop. We have 3 price structures at the Co-op –

non members

members – 10% off non member prices

and volunteers – 20 % off members prices (up to $250 for 4 hours work within the shop).

$40 Fruit and Vegetable shop Early February 2015 for a Non Member


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